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We live in a global village no doubt, but when it comes doing business in a particular country, the new domain extensions hold lots of promises to boost your business. Many internet users today subscribe to email and other services that use the country ccTLD and Google loves it when you point and indicate where you want your target traffic to come from.



Country code domain extensions

The ability to be country specific and get the people you want from that country is enhanced with the use of ccTLD which wasn’t the case in the past. Online business thrives on trust and with a ccTLD to your domain; you don’t need to prove your country of origin for the customer to know where your website come from. It ‘s hard for a site located in the US with a US TLD to claim to come from China because it will be impossible to do that except with cyber technology tricks.

Beyond the name, other indicators to show your country of origination such as language, time zone are sufficient to make the user know where your website or business is from. If you can’t fake your ccTLD, it means the element of trust so scarce and highly sought after will benefit internet users with the use of the country domain extension.

What are the possibilities of a country domain for your business?

The new domain extensions offer limitless possibilities for business. The different parts of the world have their strengths and weaknesses in the world of business. The truth is that no part of the world is useless of deficient regarding business opportunities. However, lack of access to particular part of the world in the past because relevant information are hidden behind the old domain extension; it is hard to locate you. Now, the story is different, and you can now showcase your potentials for immense possibilities.


1. You are now discoverable. Many companies are looking for raw materials from local markets across the world but are finding it difficult to locate unless they travel to these countries in person. With your ccTLD in use, such companies can search and get you for lucrative business offers.

2. Internet registration with ease. A country with ccTLD makes internet access for its citizens easier and less competitive than leaving them to compete for the fewer spaces in the traditional domain system. It is faster for you to register on ccTLD like.US than joining compete with the rest of the world in the traditional domain extension game that is leaving many entrepreneurs without choice to express their heart desires.

3. Domain name now available. Did you know that it is difficult to register any three letter domain name today on the .com option? Yes, this is because most of it are gone and already taken you had to settle for something else. Unless you have to string together long characters containing more than 32 letters, you may not have one available for use. But using the new domain extension offers you more options than you can ever imagine possible. Whether it’s a two or three letters domain with the new domain extension is far more possible to registrar something unique and appropriate for your business. If you think of registering, or, you will be surprise these are still available than to say You can use a domains name generator from Shopify to find your domain extensions and domain names for your website.

Country domain extension will boost international market

It does not matter where you live today, as long as you have access to the internet you can reach the world and present your products and services. The new country domain extension will help you to showcase your products and stand you out among competition.


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